What are these “Legitimate Grievances”?

If the evolution of [an] ideological pattern does not keep pace with the growth of knowledge, with social change and the march of events, the [ideology] will increasingly cease to satisfy to multitudes seeking assurance about their destiny, and will become progressively less effective as a social organ.

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Open Letter to Antifascists

Hello, My name is Al, although I go by the name “HAarlem VEnison” online. If any of you regard the alt-righters as neo-fascist bigots who hope to one day overthrow democracy in the United States, you’d be mostly right. However, please bear in mind that we are speaking in generalities. There is a great diversity […]

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A Human Rights Contingency Plan

Our fates as humans are inextricably bound to one another. We are like passengers flying on the same plane. A few of us on this plane have realized that the cabin crew has fallen asleep on the job. We are now banging on the cockpit door, hoping to wake them before the plane enters into a steep dive. The sooner we wake them, the gentler the landing.

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Join Us!

The purpose of Legitimate Grievances is to foster a community of individuals who share a common vision for ending the war on racism – without succumbing to the temptation of racial egoism and identity politics.

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